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Standard VSD Air Compressor

Water-lubricated Oil-free Air Compressor
  • Air End

    - High-quality stainless steel housing for oil-water-free compressor, with no risk of corrosion on the inside and outside of the head

    - An air chamber is designed between the mechanical shaft seal and the bearing for high-performance grease bearing to keep the compression chamber clean, prevent the influence of water and vacuum pressure on the bearing in the compression chamber, and improve the reliability.

    - The symmetry of the structure and the possibility of setting the reflow hole enable the radial and axial forces generated during the operation of the single-screw compressor to be completely balanced.Therefore, the rotor bearing load is very small, can operate for 50,000 hours;The star wheel made of resin material can be used for 25,000 to 30,000 hours, and the design life of the compressor is up to 300,000 hours.

  • Motor

    - The frame and end cover of the motor are made of cast iron to make the gap between the rotor and the spindle even;

    - The design speed, torque and operating parameters all meet the load requirements of the compressor;

    - SKF heavy-duty bearing is adopted in the design, which greatly increases the stability and service life of the motor;

    - The high-efficiency motor adopts f-grade insulation and b-grade temperature rise, so it has a longer service life and can adapt to harsh environment;

  • Oil Vessel:

    - Best materials, highest reliability.

    - Stainless steel to prevent any corrosion.

    - Unique spiral separation design to ensure water vapor separation.

  • Water Filters

    - Stainless steel to prevent any corrosion

    - Unique spinning design to ensure water vapor separation

    - Three level induction alarm so that more water is discharged or less water is replenished through the system

Oil-free Water-lubricated Air Compressor Advantages:

  • Clean air 100% oil-free.

  • Optimal isothermal compression.

  • Powerful MAM microcomputer controller and touch screen.

  • Components made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials ensure the durability.

  • Reasonable Structure, with perfect balancing.

  • Sianificant energy saving, environmental-friendly and pollution-free.

11~250kw Water-lubricated Oil-free Air Compressor


11~250kw Water-lubricated Oil-free Air Compressor


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