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Compressed Air Filter

  • Compressed air is an important energy in modern industry, because it is flexible, and reliable, however, only when the compressed air is clean, the advantages can be fully reflecting. As we known particles always exists in the atmosphere, the particles after sucked into the compressor, will be concentrated 8 times, in addition, according to the compression types different, more or less oil content in micro mist form into the compressed air network, and in the humid air system generated by the corrosion of unfavor able factors, will lead to a significant industrial problem, such as, the production suspending, the emergence of waste and high maintenance cost, etc. In order to solve these long-time problem in industrial enterprises, with as little as possible of filtering processing volume as large as possible the air flow is our pursuit, the combination of multilayer filter material folding form a world advanced filtration technology used in Chinese compressed air purification field.


  • Separating filter (Grade E)

    Apply to filter out a lot of liquid and 3 micron size condensation product, 5 

    PPM maximum residual oil content.

  • Main Pipeline filter (Grade D)

    Abandon the old ceramic filter core, instead of multilayer glass fiber material.

    1. Main pipeline filter, general for reciprocating air compressor pre-filtering.

    2. Filtering out lots of oil, moisture in the compressed air to less than 1 ppm,

    filtering the impurity particles to 1 micron.

  • High efficiency oil removal filter (Grade C)

    Glass fiber muti- layers overlapping material;

    1. Air pipeline filter, this Grade C fit for general pipeline and general screw

    type air compressor, belong to pre-filter device.

    2. Filtering the oil, moisture, liquid in the compressed air within 0.01 ppm,

    impurity within 0.01 micron.

  • Super high efficiency oil removal filter (Grade B)

    Glass fiber medium including coated film sealed sets of net and manifold

    matrix blend fiber medium;

    1. Super high efficiency oil removal filter, this Grade is the after filter device

    of air compressed.

    2. Fit for removing infinitesimal oil, moisture in the compressed air, precisely

    filtering within 0.001 micron, achieve to oil-free high quality compressed air.

  • Ultra-precision activated carbon filter (Grade A)

    Extremely fine powder active carbon and multilayer fiber material;

    1. This Grade works on special high precision filtering.

    2. Filter out remaining oil mist in the compressed air to less than 0.003

    ppm, and filter out odor of ammonia and carbon compound and filtering

    remove ultra fine particulate matter to less than 0.01 micron , to the best

    effect oil free and odorless.


Air Filter
Air Filter
  • ZIQI Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is widely used in iron and steel, electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, electronics, chemical, petroleum, mining, light industry, machinery manufacturing, paper printing, transportation facilities, food medicine, casting spray, marine terminals, military technology, automotive, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields.

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