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Standard VSD Air Compressor

Two-stage Screw Compressor Advantages:
  • Two stage air end

    1. Profile design: fourth generation bilateral asymmetric screw profile design

    2. Pressure design: 0.4Mpa ~ 1.25Mpa

    3. Compressor volumetric efficiency: ≥96%

    4. Rotor diameter, center distance: large

    5. Low energy consumption: energy efficiency level reaches first-class energy efficiency

    6. Direct drive: transmission ratio 1:1

    7. Low noise

    8. The rotor is made of special ductile iron QT600 material.

    9. SKF, FAG bearings

    10. Maximum operating temperature up to 110 °C continuous operation

  • IE4 motor:

    WEG brand original from Brazi,ranked second biggest motor manufacturer in the world,and it controls the technology of IE4 energy super higher energy saving mot or,with Finsulation, IP 55 protection,B temperature rise,could suitable for any hard environment.

  • Manuli oil tube:

    MANULI brand from's the leader of the tube manufacturer in the word,the service time will be longer over 5 times than ordinary tube,and never leakage.

  • Oil-air vessel:

    EURE brand from Italy,Good oilair vessel could be better to separate more hot lubricant oilit could avoid the just separated oil to go next cycle,so to reduce the exhaust air temperature and protect the air compressor to extend the machine services life.

  • Electric System

    Real-time observation of compressor operating status: main engine, fan, exhaust temperature, exhaust pressure, output power, total power consumption, fault message,

    Multi-function design: parameter setting, device information, data query and other functions

    24-hour customer service line.

22~185kw Two-stage Screw Compressor


22~185kw Two-stage Screw Compressor


  • ZIQI Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is widely used in iron and steel, electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, electronics, chemical, petroleum, mining, light industry, machinery manufacturing, paper printing, transportation facilities, food medicine, casting spray, marine terminals, military technology, automotive, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields.

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