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Standard VSD Air Compressor

Background of the birth of low voltage machine

  • In the chemical, glass, petroleum, textile, printing and dyeing, ceramics and other industries, the required compressed air working pressure is about 0.3-0.5Mpa.

  • However, at present, these industries generally use the traditional 0.7-1.0Mpa air compressor. Often these customers need to install a pressure reducing valve to decompress the compressed air to below 0.5Mpa, which is undoubtedly a huge energy waste.

  • In response to the national policy of “energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection”, Ziqi Compressor has customized 0.3-0.5Mpa low-pressure screw air compressors for these industries, which can directly output the low-pressure air you need.

Low Pressure Air Compressor Advantages:
  • Air End

    Due to the characteristics of the twin-screw compressor, when the low-pressure is used, the processing requirements of the exhaust rim of the machine head are relatively strict, so as to improve the compression efficiency and reduce the exhaust pressure loss. The original head of the German R&D center designed for the low-pressure screw is used, and the exhaust rim is moved forward to shorten the compression distance and greatly improve the compression efficiency. Compared with the atmospheric power screw machine of the corresponding power, the exhaust gas volume has a different proportion of the increase.

    Robust, reliable, durable, and energy efficient, stylish design.

    Designed for low pressure models.

  • IE4 Motor:

    Insulation material: Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise, temperature is very important for the life of the motor. This special consideration makes the motor of the purple gas compressor more reliable, longer service life and more suitable for harsh environments.

    Protection level: The high-efficiency motor of the purple gas compressor adopts IP55 protection grade motor, which effectively prevents dust and moisture from entering the motor and ensures that the motor can work normally under harsh environment.

    Wiring: All coils and leads are made of copper and have an insulating shield to provide additional protection to the motor.

  • Manuli oil tube:

    MANULI brand from's the leader of the tube manufacturer in the word,the service time will be longer over 5 times than ordinary tube,and never leakage.

  • Oil-air vessel:

    EURE brand from Italy,Good oilair vessel could be better to separate more hot lubricant oilit could avoid the just separated oil to go next cycle,so to reduce the exhaust air temperature and protect the air compressor to extend the machine services life.

  • Electric System:

    Display the operating parameters and operating status of the air compressor (exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, motor current, etc.). 

    Easy to operate.

    Exhaust high temperature protection. 

    Exhaust pressure exceeds the standard protection.

    Temperature sensor fault detection.

    Pressure sensor fault detection. ……and many more.

15~315kw Low Pressure Air Compressor


15~315kw Low Pressure Air Compressor


  • ZIQI Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is widely used in iron and steel, electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, electronics, chemical, petroleum, mining, light industry, machinery manufacturing, paper printing, transportation facilities, food medicine, casting spray, marine terminals, military technology, automotive, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields.

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